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Why Choose A Screenflex Clear Room Divider?

There are times when a clear partition provides a distinct advantage over traditional fabric-covered partitions. Use clear room dividers when you need to control or contain an area but still need to have an unobstructed view of what’s happening on the other side of the barrier.  See through walls are great for a number of settings, from schools to offices to science labs.

Screenflex uses 3/16-inch crystal-clear OPTIX® acrylic to create these versatile clear panels. OPTIX® acrylic is non-yellowing, lightweight and highly impact-resistant. Our acrylic room dividers are three times as strong as double-strength window glass. For added durability, our translucent wall panels are affixed to the custom anodized extruded aluminum channels with a silicone adhesive. All of these components combine to make Screenflex acrylic dividers the perfect product for a variety of applications.

Uses for a Clear Partition

Security is Easy With Clear Plastic Room Dividers

Clear partition walls are ideal for security situations such as in airports, hotels, or school lobbies because they allow you to restrict access and also see what is beyond the barrier. They are also a great way to create cooperative learning environments in classrooms or libraries. Since you can write on them, using rolling, translucent wall panels allows you to post information without being tied to a wall, and it won’t block your view of the rest of the room. You can use see-through walls in educational settings such as classrooms, student unions, cafeterias, and lobby spaces. A clear partition is also ideal for restaurants, open-concept kitchens, and museums.

Inclement Weather Barrier

Use our movable clear walls to reduce or control drafts and temperature fluctuations in lobby areas. Place a three-panel clear mobile divider inside the entrance or a series of connected clear dividers in front of a bank of entry doors to reduce the force of cold exterior air from entering a lobby space.

Translucent Wall Panels Provide Division with Vision

See through walls are ideal for indoor play areas, athletic facilities, amusement/tourist venues, or retail shopping centers. They are also an important asset at airport security checkpoints and correctional institutions because they allow for physical separation without losing the ability for visual surveillance.

Clear Acrylic Room Dividers Offer Versatility

A Screenflex clear acrylic dry erase board is movable and lightweight but also sturdy and durable. These clear acrylic walls arrive fully assembled and ready to use, which makes setting them up a one-person job. Just unpack the unit, peel off the protective film, and roll it into place. When not in use, our freestanding partitions fold flat for easy storage.

Screenflex uses the highest quality and durable materials to manufacture your divider. Please feel free to contact us online or by phone at 800-553-0110 if you have any questions about your order before you buy. You can also email our sales team at or contact us through our live chat feature.

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