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Don Austin

Sales Manager

“Healthflex dividers provide the ideal privacy and acoustical environment needed to aid in the patient’s overall safety, health, and healing.”
Healthflex Medical Privacy Screens

Eliminating visual and noise distractions is a key element to providing patients with the care they deserve. Using a Healthflex divider will help you absorb up to 50% of the ambient sound in a room and provide you with the privacy you require. With reduced distractions, communication between staff and patients is improved.  As a result, there’s a reduction in clerical errors, patients speak openly due to increased privacy, and there’s an increase in the overall positive patient experience.  Because of their portability, Healthflex medical privacy screens are ideal for all home and institutional healthcare settings, treatment centers, enhanced airport ebola screening, hospitals, doctor’s offices, and pharmacies.  Furthermore, eliminating distractions and maintaining communication reduces errors, encourages patients to speak openly and creates an overall positive patient experience.

Healthflex Medical Privacy Screens Material

Furthermore, Healthflex screens are made from our proprietary acoustical core, encased in tackable fabric and covered with an antimicrobial coating. Smartshield antimicrobial protective spray prevents the growth of bacteria and other harmful organisms.

Also, panels glide on adjustable casters for ease of portability. While reinforced steel end supports provide added durability and maximum stability.

Additionally, fully hinged panels allow you to create a variety of shapes and angles such as straight lines, L-shapes, zig-zags, and semi-circles while still maintaining patient privacy. Use connectors to make longer units. Units fit through any standard doorway and store in a 2′ X 3′ area. Easy to move, easy to use, and just as easy to store.

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