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Ways to Use Screenflex Study Carrels

Screenflex Quality Room Dividing Solutions!

Screenflex brings you the quality and versatility expected from all Screenflex dividers in a wall mounted Study Carrel. The new Screenflex Study Carrels are an effective solution to modifying any space for instant distraction free privacy for testing, small group meetings,   Additionally, the panels absorb ambient noise that dampens audible distractions as well.  Each study carrel panel is constructed from a honeycomb core, followed by two layers of environmentally friendly fiberglass insulation for sound absorption then covered by 76% recycled polyester fabric. Like all Screenflex panels, this unique construction creates a tackable surface making it easy to display artwork, assignments, student work, and more. Our proprietary wall hinge allows the panels to move freely 180 degrees.  The panels easily transition from flat against the wall, an L-shape for a private space, or closed along the wall.

The Key to Stable Walls

Adjust the height of the glides on the bottom of the panels to ensure each panel retains contact with the floor on uneven surfaces.  This feature provides added stability to each study carrel wall.  Choose from our 17 color options to create a divider that compliments any decor.   For other applications, we recommend our best-selling standard Screenflex Room Divider.

A Special Note About Study Carrels:

When stored flat or folded against the wall, the Study Carrel will fold to the Left or Right depending on the orientation chosen when ordering.

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