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Need to divide an area at the same point repeatedly? A Screenflex wall mounted room divider is the answer!

Enjoy the same design and quality found in any Screenflex Room Divider Wall, but in an attached wall mounted unit.  A Screenflex wall mount room divider is designed with a sound-absorbing honeycomb core.  Additionally, a steel framing and full-length hinge provide added stability to each unit. Furthermore, welded steel legs and self-leveling casters add durability to each unit. Most of all, a bracket on the wall allows one end of the divider to attach to the wall. The allows the divider to pivot open and expand into your room to make any configuration you desire!  The divider folds flat against the wall for easy storage!

A Special Note About Room Divider Wall Mounted Room Dividers:

Most noteworthy, all 11 and 13-panel room dividers, and all 9-panel room dividers in the 6′-8″ and 7′-4″ heights and all 8′-0″ high room dividers include a 29 1/4″ inch wide steel end frame for added support.

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